Student Jane Chambers Playwriting Contest


The Jane Chambers Student Playwriting Award recognizes plays and performance texts created by cis/trans/female-identifying women that present a feminist perspective and contain significant opportunities for female performers. This competition is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. The Jane Chambers Award for emergent playwrights encourages diversity of style and content. All forms of drama are accepted, including solo performance work.  


The winning play will receive a staged reading at the annual Women and Theatre Program pre-conference, which will be held in August prior to the Theatre in Higher Education Conference (ATHE). The student winner will receive a $250 cash prize and a year's membership in Women and Theatre.

The 2022 contest is open!

The deadline for submitting is March 1, 2022. If you have questions, please 


2021 Winner

LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER  by a.k. payne

When the tree falls outside Mistress’s house, Callie and Beneatha know it is time to heed their late mother’s visions. In this adaptation of Julius Caesar, these two sisters plan a revolt in the Antebellum South. From the fields and from the house come more women as the revolution spreads like wildfire, as all imagine a world where they are free to live and love in full. 


a.k. payne is a playwright, artist-theorist and theatermaker whose people are rooted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her plays love on and engage the interdependencies of Black pasts, presents and futures and seek to find/remember language that might move us towards our collective liberation(s). She has served on leadership of several Black theatre ensembles and they believe passionately in theatre's capacity to create blueprints for our freedom dreams in community. They hold a B.A. in English and African-American Studies from Yale College and are currently pursuing an MFA in playwriting from Yale School of Drama. 


2021 Honorable Mentions


En Las Sombras by Jordan Ramirez Puckett

En Las Sombras is the mythical tale of Xenia and Luz, two children travelling with their mother, Mari. Their destination is The God's Gate, beyond which is the promise of safety and a life free from hunger and suffering. When Xenia and Luz are separated from Mari, and it becomes clear that the gods may not be quite so ready to share the riches that lie beyond the gate, the myth asks us to consider why we've allowed our gods to become so powerful, and what we can do to stop them. 


Jordan Ramirez Puckett is a Chicana playwright, lighting designer, and producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her plays include En Las Sombras, To Saints and Stars, A Driving Beat, Las Pajaritas, Restore, and Inevitable. These works have been produced and/or developed by Abingdon Theatre Company (New York, NY), Goodman Theatre (Chicago, IL), Harold Clurman Laboratory Theatre Company (New York, NY), Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Playwrights Realm (New York, NY), San Diego Repertory Theatre, San Francisco Playhouse, among others. She most recently participated in the 2020 Bay Area Playwrights Festival and is the Producer of the 2021 Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

Arcade by Madeline Mahrer

After surviving a traumatic experience, high school soccer star Gabriella finds herself in a dilapidated arcade run by two teen sisters. While sharing pizza slices, geometry formulas, and their sweet dance moves, the three bond and create a brief but magical sanctuary from the abuse and injustices tied to womanhood.

Madeline Mahrer (she/hers) is a playwright and screenwriter working in Los Angeles. She recently graduated UCLA with an MFA in theater with a focus in playwriting. Madeline writes scripts that explore the hidden lives of women and the emotional worlds they inhabit. Madeline creates fantastical elements amidst the mundane as a way of revealing the poetic nature of everyday life and issues. Madeline is drawn to lonely characters longing for community and oddballs whose absurdity is charming yet isolating. Characters are brought together by peculiar happenstance, creating intimate relationships that otherwise may have been impossible.