Women and Theatre Program Pre-Conference


Wednesday, August 4th 2021


We invite all theatre artists, activists, healers, writers, teachers, and scholars to submit proposals for our annual pre-conference, on the theme of REPLENISH. This pre-conference gathering will exist for collective replenishment: putting back in what has been taken away, filling up again with what makes us feel whole, seen, nurtured. All WTP members are welcome to attend, free of charge!

Instead of a panel presentation, we will be hosting a “Panel Channel” on Vimeo, where chosen

papers/performances/workshop sessions will be pre-recorded by panelists, uploaded, and then

gatherers can watch, listen and participate at their leisure over the course of the ATHE conference.

Pre-conference highlights include:

A keynote replenishment workshop session with Belinda Mello, New York City-based

Alexander Technique Teacher, Actor Coach, Movement Specialist, and Founder of AT Motion

Center for Actors

Graduate Student Retreat: live on Zoom, offering trauma-informed yoga, mentoring

sessions, celebratory research-sharing (more details to come from Grad Student Rep Hannah Fazio)

Panel Channel

(please see submission guidelines below)

Awards Ceremony

Online Beverage & High Jinks Hour

Live & Virtual “Campfire” where, open mic style, participants can share & support art in progress

(please see submission guidelines below)


Do you have a 10-15- minute routine for replenishing yourself between Zoom calls? A short performance you want to share? A paper that is ready for your fellow feminists to hear? We are inviting papers, workshops, or performances that can work well on a Vimeo channel, ideal length 15 minutes or less, so we can feature a multiplicity of voices and so that participants can tune in when and where they are able.

Some questions that you may consider:

• How does performance, rehearsal, writing, being human in the worlds we inhabit bear witness to the need for, or the application of, replenishment?

• What or who needs to be replenished?

• What does it mean to be replenished within an oppressive system?

• What are some of the tools, strategies, paths that can be taken?

• Where has taking away something, saying no to something, worked in service of moving forward in some way?

• Where and how do issues of replenishment (or lack of access to it) hinder growth?

• Can learning from what has been be a form of replenishment?

• How does replenishment work as resistance?

Please submit proposals of no more than 250 words describing the workshop, paper, or performance you’d like to share. Include your name, title, affiliation, and email contact and a title and description of  the workshop/paper/performance.

Please submit Panel Channel proposals by June 20th to If selected, you will need to upload your submit to the channel by July 19th (more instructions to come!).



Additionally, we are excited for our Virtual Campfire, our Zoom Salon! The idea is to celebrate beginnings, endings, middles and muddles, to replenish the act of making as iteration and process, messy and fabulous. We are inviting offerings of 10 minutes or less, in any modality that can be shared in Zoomtopia. These are Spring shoots, buds, or full flowers—any stage of process is welcome to submit, and a range of pieces and stages of process will be put together. The Campfire will be held on the Wednesday night, time and host TBA.


Please email Vice President and Pre-Conference Planner Niki Tulk at by June 30th to submit pieces: please provide a short description of the work, number of participants, any video or document links, and length of time required. Please note that pieces can be on any theme.

Please feel free to contact Niki with any questions about the pre-conference or the submission process.


NOTE: All persons whose names appear on submissions must have agreed to attend the WTP pre-conference, and must be members of WTP.

About the Women in Theatre Pre-conference: This one-day pre-conference is a project of the Women and Theatre Program of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education. We provide opportunities for feminists in the field to exchange ideas, network, see performances, share creative work, scholarship, and pedagogical practices, celebrate publications and diversity, as well as break bread with colleagues and fellow practitioners.

Student Opportunity

There are two opportunities for students and recent graduates. Please email Graduate Representative Hannah Fazio at before July 11th to secure your spot in one of both of the following events:


1. Mentor Meet-up. Wednesday, August 4th, 1-2 PM -- Come receive guidance from experienced mentors in the following areas: writing a teaching statement, creating an effective CV, online teaching, alternative careers, and practice-based dissertations. In your reply email, please specify what sort of mentorship you are looking for, so we can set you up with a match. 


2. Research Sharing. Wednesday, August 4th, 2-3 PM--Present your research in three minutes or less and receive feedback from peers. This is an opportunity to workshop something in front of other graduate students. It's a low-stakes environment where you can develop your ideas and practice presentation skills. If you are interested, in your reply email, please include your name, preferred email, affiliation, and a few words on your research. 


Thanks and we really look forward to seeing you at the pre-conference in August!

2021 Pre-Conference

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