Women & Theatre Program

Celebrating 36 Years of Scholarship and Activism

Our mission is to bring theatre professionals together with academics and activists. In the years since our inception, WTP has sponsored panels and activities at ATHE’s annual conference. In 1980, WTP began holding its own annual pre-ATHE conference. WTP conferences feature panels, informal discussions, workshops, and performances as a means to foster both research and production of feminist theatre activities. WTP conference topics have included the intersection of theory and performance, multicultural theatre, lesbian theory and theatre, and many related aspects of feminist inquiry. The continuing goal of WTP is to enable feminist inquiry and to provide opportunities for discussion between those who teach, perform, and theorize about feminism, theatre, and performance.


Archiving Revolutions / Anthologizing Movements

From the 2015 Montreal pre-conference, this panel featured  Carmelita Tropicana, Holly Hughes, Jill Dolan, and Maya Roth in conversation, moderated by Sara Warner.

This session spotlights two about groundbreaking feminist and lesbian aesthetic political practices: Memories of the Revolution: The First Ten Years of the WOW Café edited by Carmelita Tropicana and Holly Hughes with an introduction by Jill Dolan (U. Mich Press) and Feminist Plays For American Stages: Winning Jane Chambers Contest Plays And Interviews, 2007-15 edited by Maya Roth and Jen-Scott Mobley. 


This event was funded with generous assistance from the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation, providing funding for LGBT-themed arts projects based on, or inspired by, history.

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